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Expert Analysis, Opinions & Testimony

Graphic Arts Advisors provides consulting services in special situations in which forensic accountants, attorneys, insurance claims examiners and other professionals require industry-specific insight into the printing, packaging and related graphic communications industries.

GAA provides knowledge of graphic industry standards and practices, assisting with an effective adjunct strategy to the core professionals involved in analyzing and settling claims in our areas of expertise.

  • Expert analysis, opinions and testimony 

    • assist forensic accountants with analysis of financial statements and models

    • assist insurance claims examiners, and their professional advisors, to verify and qualify financial models and basis for claims

  • Our advice is independent, objective and offers a fresh perspective

    • suitable for advocacy or litigation

    • a GAA professional will serve as an consulting or testifying expert

  • Recommendations are based on:
    • our industry-specific experience as principals, executives, owners, advisors, and observers of long-term trends and challenges affecting companies in the print, packaging, and graphic communications marketplace

    • GAA professionals provide prompt and efficient individual case review that reflects judgment and expertise of “knowing what we are looking at”

  • Industry-specific reports

    • we keep up with relevant industry-specific research and as needed, these sources  form the foundation for our opinions and reports

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