Who We Are

GAA is an M&A advisory and consulting firm focused exclusively on the printing, packaging, mailing, marketing production services, and related graphic communications industries.

Graphic Arts Advisors publishes The Target Report to provide an overview for buyers and sellers of businesses in the changing and evolving printing, packaging, mailing, marketing technology, brand management and related industries.

“Graphic Arts Advisors gave us wonderful guidance from the time we started thinking about selling Dual Print & Mail to the ultimate merger with Knepper Press. When we acquired Dual, it was not doing well financially. GAA advised that we get it on a solid financial footing before offering it for sale. We took that advice, completed a turnaround that returned the firm to profitability, and provided Knepper with a financially solid company.”

Michael Vitch 

President, Dual Print & Mail

Cheektowaga, New York

Tel: 973-588-7399

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