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About Us

Graphic Arts Advisors provides financial advisory services related to mergers, acquisitions, sale of company, financing and consulting services related to valuations, challenging situations, expert analysis & opinions, and strategic counsel and advisory. 


GAA serves company owners, investors, lenders, boards of directors and senior management in the printing, packaging, mailing, marketing services, brand management, and related graphic communications industries nationally and is headquartered in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey.

"Without Graphic Arts Advisors, there really would not have been a way for us to go out to market and sell the company without showing our hand to our competition. Also, GAA had connections in the marketplace that I did not have. The people that I knew who I thought would be eager buyers turned out not to be. I am pretty sure I would never have found my way to the right buyer if GAA was not involved.”

Jami Daniels

Owner, Daniels Communications 

Asheville, North Carolina

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