Graphic Arts Advisors provides a wide array of services for company owners, investors, lenders, boards of directors and senior management in the printing, packaging, mailing, marketing services, brand management, and related graphic communications industries:

  • Mergers & acquisitions 

    • Advisory services related to purchase or sale of business

    • Sell-side outreach and representation

    • Buy-side search for acquisition candidates

  • Strategic advisory & facilitation

  • Capital structure & funding

  • Business valuations

  • Corporate restructuring

    • Orderly liquidation management

    • Non-bankruptcy debt restructuring

    • Reorganization in bankruptcy

  • Family succession planning

  • Board level advisory services

  • Expert analysis, opinions & testimony

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I came to the conclusion that I needed to do something, so I contacted Graphic Arts Advisors. 

The main thing that I wanted to do was find jobs for my people and I pretty much accomplished that. We got it done and never missed a payroll.

I couldn't do what these guys did. Working with GAA allowed me to concentrate on taking care of what I needed to at my company and follow their advice to get it closed down."

Jim Barker 


Richardson Communications Group

Kansas City, Missouri

Tel: 973-588-7399

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