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Sudden Drop-Off – April 2023 M&A Activity

Sudden Drop-Off

One Month Does Not Make a Trend

Deal activity fell off a cliff in April. The sudden drop off begs the question: are we heading into deeper turbulent waters? Is the dramatic decrease indicative of a declining M&A market in the printing, packaging, and related industries? Are recessionary times ahead? Does the increase in calls we have received from owners whose companies are at best treading water foretell more trouble to come? Or does the positive economic news about job creation, record low unemployment, and steady wage growth, among other factors, portend the way forward?

While it is too soon to tell, we do know for a fact that deal activity in April was the lowest we have logged in more than ten years of tracking the market. Incredibly, there were almost twice as many deals even in the worst months following the outbreak of Covid and the resultant business shutdown.


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